Shekhar Bordoloi

Shekhar is a fearless mountaineer and rock-climber. He received his BMC and AMC in 2018, and his MOI in 2022. He is a P3 paragliding pilot. Besides, he holds a degree in IT engineering.

His achievements so far ..

Shekar has numerous accolades to his name. He had participated in zonal sport climbing competitions in 2017 and 2018 in Manipur and Tripura. In 2018, he competed in open nationals held at the IMF, Jammu, and HMI Darjeeling. In 2017 and 2018, he triumphed in the All-Assam Nilu Talukdar Memorial Natural Rock-Climbing Tournament. He set out on cycling expeditions from Leh to Khardungla and from Guwahati to Dawki and Cherapunjee. Also, he has hiked to Bumla Pass. He enjoys slacklining as well.

In October-November 2015, he joined the Assam Mountaineering Association on a bamboo rafting expedition from Sadiya to Guwahati. He undertook the Sibuk bamboo rafting expedition from Majuli to Umananda in 2020. Subsequently, he undertook the Sibuk 2 exploration and survival adventure in the Subansiri River in 2021. He has successfully completed a number of treks- Mount Yunnam (6111 meters) was conquered in 2019, Mount Pologongka (6370 m) and its summit camp in 2020, Unnamed virgin peak (6240 m), summited in 2020, Mount Jogin I (6456 m) summit camp in 2021, Mount Jogin III (6166 m) summited in 2021, and Mount Nun (7136 m) Camp 1 in 2021.

What does he love about climbing?

Although Shekhar began mountaineering in 2013, he first embarked on proper expeditions in 2019. In 2016, he began sport climbing. He thinks that conquering mountains makes him humble. He always gains a deeper perspective on daily life and a more compassionate understanding of it as a result. He can put his physical and mental limits to the test while climbing. It instills in him a love and respect for nature as well as the need to preserve it and coexist with it. Also, it encourages him to travel and encounter new people and places. That is why he absolutely loves climbing.

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