“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― Andre Gide

Epic trips are made not only of towering mountains or gruelling treks. You can have an epic trip in your home country, by making an unexpected move to a new one, or on a quest to recapture your sense of wonder about the world. At least, that`s what these adventurous souls of Team Sibuk are trying and proving for a while. Their tales, memories, and experiences are sure to enthral anyone seeking insight into a different place or time—and maybe provide the nudge needed to set out on an adventure of your own.

Team Sibuk is a group of adventure enthusiasts who embark on wild excursions all throughout Assam. Their previous journey was on a self-made bamboo raft from Majuli, the world's largest riverine island, to Umananda, world’s smallest island, in Guwahati, which drew the attention of numerous media outlets and the government, and became an inspiring narrative for others.

The team geared up for their next expedition, SIBUK 2.0 , with twice the zeal. This was an excursion on the largest tributary of the Bramhaputra, the Subhansiri river. It was a 180-kilometer river route that had been explored by Shekhar Bordoloi and Rishan Doley who possess all of the necessary natural survival skills.

They did not carry with them any eatables or water and entirely relied only on their natural survival instincts. They only used what nature had provided for them and that they could eat. They adhered by all wildlife laws to the letter.


The SIBUK with Rishan and Shekhar 

Shekhar Bordoloi
Shekhar Bordoloi is a professional mountaineer and a keen nature junkie. He is a person who examines things from a technical standpoint and is prepared to correct any faults.He's someone who has studied and researched nature extensively. He makes certain he understands what he's doing, and believe us when we say he does it better than anyone else. He has the ability to adapt to and drift through any changes. A very diligent and real man, you will never see Shekar without his smile.

Rishan Doley

Rishan Doley, a.k.a. Tusto/Dusto Bonoriya, has lived by the river since he was a child. He values experience over information, by means of which he is able to gain mastery over any aquatic body. He is well-versed in natural phenomena that aren't scripted. In an adventure, he's always prepared to deal with any unwelcome or unanticipated events. Together, he and Shekhar make the Dream Team!

From Left : Ashutosh, Shekhar, Nihal , Nilim and Rishan

Nilim Mahanta, a special guest joined Team Sibuk on their expedition. He always appears to have a unique viewpoint on life, and he and his paintbrushes work wonders. His eagerness to understand life-saving reflexes made him a family to the Sibuk team. He was an invitee on their prior adventure as well, and while he could have brought his own food, he chose to try out the natural manner of obtaining food and surviving. Sibuk wanted him to see the undiscovered parts of Assam so he could bring art and adventure to a terrific bonding experience, and now that it's done, he has some incredible stories to tell.

Team Sibuk was accompanied by Ashutosh Kashyap, a well-known cinematographer from the North-East India, on board to document the entire adventure, which will be submitted for viewing at numerous award ceremonies across the globe in due time.

Last but not the least Nihal Medhi , an adventure enthusiast with a passion for bicycling was key to their on ground operations, and getting it all together. He planned the back-up and was on stand by for any emergency situation.

The expedition began in Gogaamukh, Dhemaji, and sailed through the Subansiri River till it reached the Brahmaputra River in Lakhimpur, Jamugurighat. The excursion then proceeded on the Brahmaputra River, passing through Kaziranga National Park, before concluding in Ganesh ghat in Tezpur district.

The major goal of this journey had been to raise public awareness about environmental conservation and encourage sustainable development. The only way out of the Global Environmental Crisis and associated biodiversity conflicts and resource scarcity is nature conservation and sustainable development. Team Sibuk also intended people to be conscious of their homeland's vast adventure and tourist potential. Assam and North-East India have enormous opportunity when it comes to adventure sports and novel arenas of tourism.

As humans we're always fascinated with people who are off travelling the world and partaking in crazy, wild, and inspiring adventures. Here’s the tale of two crazed dudes aboard a self-built bamboo raft, embarking on adventures one can only imagine.

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