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Kedarkantha trek Versus Brahmatal trek

Which one to go for, Kedarkantha trek or Brahmatal trek?

Every traveler’s to do list holds a desire to insight into a picturesque of surreal mountains rooting into the serene landscapes covered with a white expanse of snow, which is why Uttarakhand is a traveler’s delight! Both Kedarkantha and Brahmatal are famous winter treks in Uttarakhand. It can be tough for someone looking for a winter trek in this region to decide between Kedarkantha trek versus Brahmatal trek.

Undoubtedly, trekking symbolizes the dauntless trait possessed by a traveler however, it is always burdensome to make a choice between two good alternatives when you have curtailed budget and time. Kedarkantha and Brahmatal are two such treks which will add milestones to your trekking experience. Therefore, to assist you in making the best choice out of the two here is a  small guide for you to make the best choice.

Kedarkantha Trek                                                             Brahmatal Trek
Altitude: 12,500 ft.                                                                  12,100 ft.
Difficulty level: easy-moderate                                           easy-moderate
Days: 5-6 days                                                                            5-6 days
Estimated budget: 7500-8500 INR                                   7500-8500 INR Same
Best time: December-April                                                    December-March

Hmmm! This looks like a tough one. Let’s compare these in detail on more parameters:


Brahmatal lets you camp consecutively on two nights around the Bekaltal and Brahmatal lakes. The kind of forests to be crossed are very similar for both the treks. A person has to cover more distance on Brahmatal trek and for a beginner the repetition might get boring. A lot of towering peaks are visible from Brahmatal but Kedarkantha is more famous for unhindered view from the summit and a spectacular sunrise.


While both are considered easy-moderate level, Brahmatal is slightly more difficult than Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha trek would be more suitable for you if you’re a beginner.


Brahmatal is usually less crowded than Kedarkantha.

Base Camp

Brahmatal starts from Lohajung (base camp for the famous Roopkund trek) which takes much longer to reach when compared to Sankri, the starting point of Kedarkantha trek.


Kedarkantha trek wins in terms of ease of reaching and difficulty levels. It’s a clear winner if you are a beginner. Brahmatal wins on the views and will have less crowd, but it would be more tiresome.



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