Kasol to Chalal trek

Kasol to Chalal

Tired with overcrowded hillstations, over-priced hotel rooms and increasing urbanization of hill-stations? Then fret not! If good food and enjoying a relaxed holiday far away from the madding crowd is your first priority, then without a second thought, pack your bags and leave for the small and less-heard hamlet- Chalal. Rad on to find more info on the Kasol to Chalal hike.

Max Altitude-1600 m
Base Location- Kasol in Himachal Pradesh

How to reach Chalal?

Kasol is the base location. Bhunter airport in Kullu-Manali is the nearest airport to Kasol. Another option is boarding any Delhi/Chandigarh to Manali bus. All such buses cross through Bhuntar.
One can easily get hold of a bus or a taxi to cover the short distance of 32 kms from Bhuntar and reach Kasol.

Kasol to Chalal hike

Kasol to Chalal is a short hike of 2 Km. A stroll of about 30 minutes would land you up in a place that is “high” both literally and metaphorically. Often referred to as the “Bob Marley country”, Chalal with its huge weed production, serves as an ideal place for the trance parties. The trek through thick pine tress and beautiful gardens is done by walking on a suspension bridge, built over the Parvati river.

After spending some time capturing the serene beauty of this idyllic village, one can either trek down to Kasol or decide stay back. The accommodation is pretty cheap here, compared to that of Kasol. Also due to lesser tourist footfall, the place is still unsullied and undefiled.


The serene village of Chalal is only a 30 minute walk from Kasol. With the welcoming mountains, tall pine trees, free flowing Parvati river, full blooming orchards and the long stretches of Marijuana fields, Chalal is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This place also boasts of its richness in Avian fauna. Numerous unseen species of birds can be seen and heard chirping throughout the day. Another major attraction of this valley is its Apricot Blossom, that paints this entire hamlet  in pink and white.

Best time to visit

For clear skies, free flowing streams, the summer i.e March to June is the best time. Also a lot of festivals, like the Indrasan festival, Summer Hills festival and the Electric Mahadev festival, take place at this time. However for the free falling snow, chilly nights, snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes, the winter season i.e  November-February can be chosen. It should, however, be kept in mind that the temperatures can get really low in winters, making it tough to walk around freely and enjoy amidst the nature. The monsoon season, i.e July-September, best be avoided.

Cellular network at Kasol and Chalal

All major phone networks work fine, while internet connectivity might be an issue at Chalal for some of the networks.


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