Bhrigu Lake. Credits: Ayush Mittal

Bhrigu Lake Trek in April – Doable or not?

As soon as the summers kick in, a lot of trekkers are curious about the accessibility of the famous high altitude treks. It is well established that treks like Hampta Pass or Indrahar Pass should usually be attempted from June. Some other treks, however, like the Beas Kund Trek and Bhrigu Lake Trek can be accessible in the previous months.

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Bhrigu Lake Trek in April

Bhrigu Lake Trek is usually inaccessible during the month of April. For the current year, it is highly recommended to not attempt this trek before 10th May. The recent winters saw a good amount of snowfall and hence high amount of snow is present on the trail. Even for the Triund trek in Dharamshala (which lies below 3,000 m), the trail is surrounded by snow in mid-April 2019.

If someone still wants to attempt the Bhrigu Lake Trek, they can camp at Rolakholi and experience the clear night sky under a blanket of stars.

Bhrigu Lake. Credits: Ayush Mittal
Bhrigu Lake. Credits: Ayush Mittal


When should Bhrigu Lake be done then?

Bhrigu Lake can take you over 4,000 m within just 2 days of trekking. The trek remains fairly open in October and sometimes even for the first half of November, depending on how delayed the snowfall is.

”The best part about Bhrigu Lake trek is the experience of walking over lush green meadows without straining your legs. The fun is just not there when you cross over the snow, something for which Sar Pass is more rewarding.”

Credits: Suvam Pati, (Insta: Suvam_dragneel)

The meadows turn green from July, but it’s better to not trek there during the monsoons. The entire trail is completely exposed and excessive rains can ruin your experience. Mid-August to September could be a good time to do this trek, when the meadows are green and full of alpine flowers.

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