Best Time For Bhrigu Lake Trek

Best Time For Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is usually done in the months June-September, while some people do trek post mid-May and that completely depends on the amount of snowfall the region has received in previous months. If one treks in June then they are very likely to encounter snow around Bhrigu lake. Whatever season you trek in no one can take away the beauty of high altitude meadows you are going to trek upon, mesmerizing you either through lush green grass and alpine flowers or a breathtaking view of the white snow carpet all over. Read on to know about the best time for Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek in June

There will be snow around the lake, the lake would be frozen and also a large part of meadows on the way might be covered under it. The best part about this trek is the way it takes you through lush green high altitude meadows. You cross one and then there is another. To appreciate the true beauty of Bhrigu lake one should look for months other than June because huge carpets of snow, although they look mesmerizing, are a common site for several treks like Sar Pass, Indrahar Pass and Chanderkhani Pass during early summers. If you have to do it in June then plan it in the later half.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in July:

Credits: Suvam Pati, (Insta: Suvam_dragneel)

Snow reduces in this month and is in patches. Good amount of snow could still be present around the lake area. However rains are at their peak in the month of July. So this month is not recommended.

Bhrigu Lake Trek in August:

Snow reduces considerably and is present only around the lake area, in patches. Rains decrease compared to July but there are still good chances of encountering them, especially during the first half of the month. They start decreasing after mid-August and the meadows are very green with good view of alpine flowers.

Bhrigu Lake Trek in September:

Safe month to trek since rains have decreased considerably. The meadows are still green and the lake takes a beautiful blue colour. The sky is clearer than August and perfect for stargazing from any of the campsites.

Bhrigu Lake Trek in October:

Trek is still possible to do until the place receives its first snowfall towards the end of the month. The meadows start turning brown though and the view is not as spectacular as it is during the previous months.


The trek remains inaccessible between November to April and for most of the days in May. The landscape in May won’t be any different from that in June.

The best time for bhrigu lake trek would thus be mid-August to September. If you have an obsession with snow landscape then it can be done in June. 

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