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5 treks to do in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh awaits you for these 5 wonderful treks!

A trip that challenges your guts and makes you dive into the ocean of adventures leaves no stones unturned to gatecrash the chamber of your reminiscence. An enthusiastic explorer is never satiated with the places that are already invaded, oddballs tantalize travelers!

Himachal Pradesh is a dream come true for a number of travelers, photographers, trekkers or anybody who has an exploratory spirit which is always tempted to escapade. Himachal can resuscitate people who are busy chasing prodigious dreams simply by its endearing climate and prepossessing ambience. It is also admired for being an epitome for adventure sports like rock climbing, paragliding, motorbiking and most importantly trekking.

The presence of three mountain ranges (Dhauldar, Pir Panjal and Himalayas) gives it an edge with other trekking spots of the country. With a number easy, moderate and super-challenging treks Himachal is no less than the adventure capital of the country. Following are the treks for adventuresome peeps that can be done in Himachal Pradesh:

1). Triund Hill Trek
Triund is quite a popular trekking spot for the beginners who are looking for an easy yet adventurous trek. It has its place between the Dhauladhar mountains and Kangra valley. The trails in this trek take you to dense deodar forests. There is also a slope which is 4 kilometers steep yet hiking over it gives you a feeling of triumph. The trek can be completed in two days or less including getting down! The view from the top captivates the valleys and mountain peaks which makes it a mandate to be added in your to-do list.

MUST DO: Camp overnight and experience the view of valleys and mountains under a starry night.

2). Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar lake trek is apt for someone who is equally inquisitive about the cultural ethos of this place. The temple of Rishi Prashar is right beside the lake which is often covered with snow. It is circumambient by Dhauladhar ranges. It also has 180-degree view Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges. It has trails ascending into oak forests and local villages. This trek can be detoured in 2 days with a minimal budget for such an astounding trek.

MUST DO: Explore the culture and local places, also know about the tales of Rishi Prashar from the priests of the temple.

3). Rasol Trek

Rasol trek is best for a person who is looking for a day’s break from his/her busy schedule. The trek begins from Kasol and the only option to reach Rasol is to hike. Rasol is a small village which is very less populated and elated at an altitude of 10000ft. The village is evident most of the time while striding. The lanes that ascend to Rasol have rocks that mention ‘magic Rasol’ which directs the way to this village. Allocated in Parvati Valley, Rasol is the best place to connect to the local villagers. Marching while daytime on the lanes to Rasol you can find local men playing Panjee which is a rare game and played only in Rasol. The trek involves hiking for 5-7 hours and can be accomplished easily in a day.

MUST DO: Experience the stay at a local hutment in the village of Rasol and try local cuisines.

4). Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is like an oxymoron placed on the trails that ascend to Parvati Kund. The hot water spring in Kheerganga valley called Parvati kund is the reason behind Kheerganga trek being immensely popular amongst the other treks in kasol. It is a moderate trek but the trails might be challenging for the new trekkers. There are two very popular trekking routes that take you to this place one is from Barshaini and the other one from Nakthan village. It is believed that taking a dip in Parvati kund hot water spring cures your infirmities and revitalizes your tired mind and soul. Kheerganga trek takes you to an altitude of 1300ft. and can be accomplished within 2 days precisely.

MUST DO: Take a holy dip in the Parvati kund and energize your body after a tiring hike.

5). Kareri Lake Trek

The Kareri lake which is a glacial lake at an altitude of 9613ft. is a moderate trek and challenging trek of 2-3 days. The trails of Kareri trek are slippery and challenging. The hike begins from Ghera to Kareri village which is quite popular amongst the localites in Dharmsala. A number of waterfalls and other water sources are present which ensures the availability of drinking water. Deodar forests and grasslands that have pine trees make the scenario exquisite and stupendous. The kareri lake is a glacial lake which can be reached within 5-6 hours from Reoti village by hiking. It has numerous campsites with the wonderful view of valleys. The pleasant ambience and rocky grasslands add this trek into the bag of a travelers essentials!

MUST DO: Camp near the water springs and experience the tranquility of water under a starry night!

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