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Five winter treks to do in Himachal

snow in Manali

Winter treks in Himachal Himachal is completely different during the winters. The same clearly marked trails are likely to be covered in snow, temperatures drop below the freezing point and a speckless white snowfield makes every trek worth pursuing despite the harsh weather. Here are 5 winter treks in Himachal that you should not miss: […]

5 treks to do in Himachal Pradesh

Kareri trek

Himachal Pradesh awaits you for these 5 wonderful treks! A trip that challenges your guts and makes you dive into the ocean of adventures leaves no stones unturned to gatecrash the chamber of your reminiscence. An enthusiastic explorer is never satiated with the places that are already invaded, oddballs tantalize travelers! Himachal Pradesh is a […]

Kheerganga Trek – The most popular trek around Kasol

Kheerganga Trek

About Kheerganga Trek Kheerganga is the most famous trek around Kasol. A 4-5 hrs hike takes you to hot water spring located at 13,000 ft. Kheerganga. It’s well suited for beginners and remains accessible almost throughout the year. Recent bans on permanent structures have reduced the crowd a little bit, although camping is possible on […]

One day Treks in Manali

Short One day Treks in Manali   Lamadugh Trek Among all the one day treks in Manali, the Lamadugh trek  is probably the best in terms of efforts versus views. The town of Lamadugh is situated near Manali. The trek starts at Manu Temple in Old Manali.  Get ready for a steep climb as you […]