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Maintaining backpack balance

Packing trekking bag

People are often careless with the balance of their backpacks. Being carefree should be a result of your preparation and not something that acts as a cause of trouble on your treks. While things like quality of straps and buckles, presence of an adequate frame, etc. can be controlled only when you buy your backpack, […]

Efficiently packing your trekking bag

The gravity of a well-packed rucksack cannot be ignored if you are planning to do a trek. Your trek can turn into a nightmare in no time due to the uncertain weather conditions on higher altitudes, well, in that case, a wisely crammed trekking bag can turn out to be your savior! We tend to […]

The Nature Collection – Women’s Fleece Jackets

Inspiration: The Trek Monk’s Nature Collection features a fusion of nature’s most beautiful creations and blends these elements into our design for women’s fleece jackets. The fleece fabric imitates the smooth surface of floral stem. It would keep you exceptionally warm and yet provide a very cozy feel on the skin. The collection design features […]

The Perfect Midlayer – Fleece Jackets for Men

Layering technique is the most suitable way to cope with a cold weather. The number of layers of clothes would always vary depending on the trek you are doing, season, nature of activity and weather on the day. You might require lesser layers while trekking in the day compared to camping on the chilly night. […]