How to reach Naggar

How to Reach Naggar ‘How to Reach Naggar’ could be a common question for anyone visiting Kullu/Manali for the first time or those who have stumbled upon this name because it’s a reporting point for one of their treks. Naggar is located on the left bank road between Kullu and Manali, located 24 Km from […]

The Nature Collection – Women’s Fleece Jackets

Inspiration: The Trek Monk’s Nature Collection features a fusion of nature’s most beautiful creations and blends these elements into our design for women’s fleece jackets. The fleece fabric imitates the smooth surface of floral stem. It would keep you exceptionally warm and yet provide a very cozy feel on the skin. The collection design features […]

The Perfect Midlayer – Fleece Jackets for Men

Layering technique is the most suitable way to cope with a cold weather. The number of layers of clothes would always vary depending on the trek you are doing, season, nature of activity and weather on the day. You might require lesser layers while trekking in the day compared to camping on the chilly night. […]