Is a Vacation to Himachal possible again?

The big question on everyone’s mind!! You might have just scrolled over a few headlines or read the articles about the state governments reopening Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand for tourism. And yes they have. Both the governments have come up with a set of guidelines to initiate the reopening of these states for tourism. In […]

DKD 2 – IMF Selection Camp for Everest 2020

Mount DKD 2

Indian Mountaineering Foundation recently conducted a pre-Everest training camp in Uttarakhand. As a part of the selection and training, a team of experienced climbers was sent on an expedition to Draupadi Ka Danda 2 summit (DKD2), located at a height of 5,669 m. Based on this expedition and a few more expeditions, IMF is set […]

Why North Sikkim should be next on your travel list

There couldn’t be a better place than Sikkim to witness the Eastern Himalayan range in India. Bordered by mountainous places like Bhutan and Nepal, Sikkim also boasts of having the world’s third highest (India’s highest) mountain, Kanchenjunga, standing tall at 8,586 m. So what makes the Northern part of this place so special? Why you […]

Maintaining backpack balance

Packing trekking bag

People are often careless with the balance of their backpacks. Being carefree should be a result of your preparation and not something that acts as a cause of trouble on your treks. While things like quality of straps and buckles, presence of an adequate frame, etc. can be controlled only when you buy your backpack, […]

Efficiently packing your trekking bag

The gravity of a well-packed rucksack cannot be ignored if you are planning to do a trek. Your trek can turn into a nightmare in no time due to the uncertain weather conditions on higher altitudes, well, in that case, a wisely crammed trekking bag can turn out to be your savior! We tend to […]

10 Famous Mountain Peaks to climb in India

Dharamsura peak

10 peaks to climb in India The Himalayan ranges stretch over ten states in India. There are certain peaks very famous among high altitude trekkers and mountaineers, some of them requiring high levels of technical knowledge and experience. Success of previous expeditions, unique geography and the sheer altitude have made some of the peaks highly […]

Friendship Peak Expedition – Short expedition in Manali

Friendship Peak Trek

Friendship Peak Situated near the Pir Panjal ranges of Himachal Pradesh, the Frienship Peak expedition takes you to an altitude of 5289 meters and remains snow-clad most of the time. The initial trek begins from Manali and requires 10-12 days to be accomplished. This texpedition is challenging, has several crevasses near the top and requires […]