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Why you should add Bhutan to your list !

Monasteries on mountain tops : The spiritual vibe of the beautiful Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched at a height of 3000m on a vertical cliff. It is believed Guru Rinpoche flew to this cliff on a flaming tigress and meditated here. This spectacular monastery is one of the most sacred sites to the Buddhist pilgrims. 2. […]

DKD 2 – IMF Selection Camp for Everest 2020

Mount DKD 2

Indian Mountaineering Foundation recently conducted a pre-Everest training camp in Uttarakhand. As a part of the selection and training, a team of experienced climbers was sent on an expedition to Draupadi Ka Danda 2 summit (DKD2), located at a height of 5,669 m. Based on this expedition and a few more expeditions, IMF is set […]