Ziro is a beautiful village at an altitude of 5500 ft (above sea level) surrounded by yellow paddy fields in the harvesting season. It is situated in the lower subansiri district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh,India. The best time to visit is in the months of September and October. The main economic and administrative activities are held in the part of the town called “Hao-Polyang”( Hapoli).

Ziro at a Glance:

The home of the apatani tribes is the favourite site for “World Heritage Site” since many years now.

The Apatanis in ziro are well known for their wet rice cultivation without any use of any farm animals or heavy machinery. The two major ethnic festivals are “Dree” and “Myoko” 

Best way to reach there:

  • From Guwahati Take a train to Naharlagun Station,Arunachal  Pradesh(over night train).From Naharlagun Station take a sharing-Sumo to Hapoli Sumo stand in ziro Rs300-500 Alternatively you can also book a one day cab to Ziro from Guwahati. 8000 approx.
  • From Dibrugarh- You can book a cab from Mohanbari Airport in dibrugarh,which will take you to Ziro in a span of 4-5 hours drive through the Bogibeel bridge(longest rail cum road) over the mighty river Brahmaputra. Alternatively you can also take a train to Naharlagun station. The individual taxi fares from Dibrugarh to Ziro would be usually around INR 4000 -5000 .( Might differ depending upon local decisions by taxi operators)

Accommodations in Ziro:

There aren’t many hotels and guesthouses in Ziro. Most of them are pre-booked at a higher price during the festival for VIP guests and Artists to be performing the festival. But we can find excellent stays in camps (quite affordable rates) during the festival times.

There are various camps witha a range of prices and amenities whose fares vary from INR 2200-4000.

 Link below for booking :


Food Options:

There is nice options available for food during the festival days as most of the homes of localites are turned into kitchens to serve food and beverages to the guests and tourists visiting the festival. Even a lot number of food stalls are put up to cater the 6000+ crowd visiting the festival. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian local delicacies are readily available at reasonable rates.

Booze is available in the wine shops located across Hapoli and Ziro, Local beers and Fruit wines are available in the festival venues and different stalls. Kiwi is the exotic fruit familiar to Ziro.

Rate of booze is quite cheap from the wine shops available locally. However booze is NOT ALLOWED inside festival grounds.

Weather and type of clothing:

Weather is expected to be mostly clear and sunny during the festival but there are chances of mild downpour. So rainjackets are a must along with a pair of rubber boots if you want to save yourselves from mud and leeches while exploring the paddy fields and villages in Ziro valley.

ATM and Mobile phone receptivity:

ATM is available in the economic hub of Ziro i.e. Hapoli which is approx 4-5 kms from the festival venue. There are a few ATMs available but due to the heavy crowd of the festival it is advisable to carry some cash for food and booze. Mobile network is quite fine with both BSNL and Vodafone providing internet and calling services.


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