About Churdhar Trek

Churdhar in Himachal, is also known as Chur Chandni-  meaning a peak adorned with moonlight. Churdhar happens to be the highest peak of the Outer Himalayas range and is therefore a trek that with its picturesque beauty is breathtaking, to say the least. It is also from the top of this mountain that George Everest made his astronomical observations of the Himalayan ranges.

Difficulty- Moderate
Max Altitude- 3650m
Approx Trekking Km- 25 km
Starting Point- Nohradhar (2175m)

Starting point of Churdhar Trek-
Route- Delhi/Chandigarh-Nohradhar-Jam Nallah-Teesri-Churdhar-Jam Nallah

The astounding trek towards Churdhar starts from its base location- Nohradhar (Nohra), situated at around 133 km from Chandigarh and around 350 km  from Delhi. It would take around 4 hours to reach Nohradhar from Chandigarh and around 10 hours from Delhi, by road.

If you’re in Shimla, this is the bus route to be followed:
Shimla-Solan-Rajgarh-Nohra (Nohradhar)

Solan to Nohra would take around 4 hrs. There are alternative routes from Chaupal in Shimla district and Haripurdhar in Sirmour district. The trail from Nohra is the locally most popular one.


The trekking trail is full of rocks and so it is advisable to invest in a good pair of trekking shoes before going on this hike. A lot of forests full of chirping birds and pine, cedar, and rhodedendron trees shall fall in your way to the Churdhar mountain. Panaromic views of mountain ranges like Kedarnath, Badrinath as well as Kailash are clearly visible from the peak. Also if luck favours you, you might end up spotting a musk deer and a snow bear(only in winters), as well.

Churdhar Trek
Jamnala Meadow. PC: Prince Verma (Insta: wanderer_prince)

Churdhar Trek Itinerary:

Day 1- Nohradhar-Jam Nallah (2175m-2855m, 7km, 4-5 hours)

The first 1km is a moderately tough trek with a quite steep, rocky and muddy landscape. Beyond this, the trek gets easy with a normal climb through thick forests of pine trees, leading you to Jam Nallah. Jam Nallah at a height of 2855m is a beautiful campsite, with the cedar and pine trees hustling softly as if to sing you a lullaby to sleep.

Day 2- Jam Nallah-Teesri-Churdhar-Jam Nallah (2855m-3250m-3650m-2855m, approx 18km, 12 hours)

The climb to Teesri from Jam Nallah is the easiest part of the entire trek. Situated at around 5 kms, the hike to Teesri through beautiful forests of Rhodedendron trees, takes just about 2.5 hours to get completed. Be sure to have enough woolens on, because this place also happens to be the windiest point on the entire trek.

Churdhar Trek
Chura Mahadev. PC: Prince Verma (Insta: wanderer_prince)

From Teesri, a 2km walk takes you to the Chureshwar temple of Chura Mahadev. After paying a short visit, you can opt to have your lunch over here.

A mere 1 hour climb of 1 km shall then take you to the most awaited part of your expedition, the Churdhar peak. The 360 degree panaromic view of the mighty snow capped mountains of Kedarnath, Badrinath and Kailash on the North, and the picturesque beauty of the lowlands on the south, is sure to take your breath away. Spend some time grasping the inconceivable beauty around you and then descend towards Jam Nallah again.

Churdhar Trek
Churdhar Peak. PC: Prince Verma (Insta: wanderer_prince)

Best Time for Churdhar Trek:

The summer time i.e May-November is the best time to go on this expedition. This is because for the rest of the time the place is under a thick blanket of snow, making it very hard to trek. Also, be sure to avoid the monsoons.

Cellular Connectivity:

Network is scarcely available on the entire trek. Nohradhar is the last point with a stable network and only IDEA seems to have a coverage at Teesri, but that is sparse and unreliable.




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