Churdhar Trek Best Season

Churdhar which happens to be the highest peak outside the Himalayan range is probably in every traveler’s bucket least for its strikingly vivid landscape and scenery.  Additionally, the moderately difficult nature of the trek frees the place from the unnecessary crowd, thereby making the trekking experience even more surreal.  However, keeping in mind the strain quotient of this expedition, it also becomes crucial to decide for a right time to undertake this journey. Since the trekking trail mainly comprises of steep rocks, monsoon season, i.e from July-August, at all costs must be avoided. Again in the winters, i.e from mid November-March, trekking becomes almost impossible due to the freezing temperatures as well as the untraversable dense envelope of snow all over. From April, however, the topography becomes suitable for all kinds of exploration activities.

Churdhar Trek
Churdhar Peak. PC: Prince Verma (Insta: wanderer_prince)

We have therefore created a list of the favourable months for the Churdhar Trek, going through which can help you to decide your best time to undertake this journey of a lifetime. Read on to find the best time to do Churdhar Trek.

Churdhar Trek in April-

April is the time when the thick snow of winter starts to melt. If you are heading for the Churdhar trek at the beginning of this month, you shall be lucky enough to find the Churdhar peak covered in snow. However, the rest of the trekking trail is mostly free of any snow cover. By the end of April, almost the entire snow melts and hence, trekking to the top gets a little easier. However, you are still likely to receive snowfall once you reach the peak. While trekking from Nohradhar to Teesri, there will be strong winds and harsh sunrays. So be sure to carry windcheaters and hats. Additionally, due to the melting of snow, some portions of the trekking trail can get muddy and slippery. So it’s advisable to invest in a good pair of trekking shoes. Also, as you move up, the temperature dips and you will require warm woolens to keep yourself comfortable.

The scenic beauty from Churdhar in April is beyond words. A towering statue of Lord Shiva sitting at the tip of a snow-covered peak with a backdrop of a series of mountain ranges like Kedarnath and Badrinath is a vision to die for.

Churdhar Trek in May-

In May with no snow, hiking to Churdhar gets easier. It also gets magical with the Rhododendrons in full bloom. Walking through the thick greenery of the Deodar forests and colorful Rhododendrons is truly, one of a kind experience. Clear skies and bright sunrays contribute towards an unhindered vision of the 360 degree panoramic beauty from the Churdhar peak.

Churdhar Trek in June-

The landscape in June is more or less similar to that of May. Try to go for the trek towards the beginning of June, if you want to experience the beauty of the Rhododendrons in their full bloom.

Churdhar Trek in late August and September-

The monsoon season having revitalized the flora of the region, the trekking trail is now covered with fresh blooming flowers and lush green grasses. Throughout your route you shall be greeted by levitating clouds. The 360 degree view from the Churdhar peak might not be as clear as that in the months of May and June, but it is not something that will disappoint you. Believe in us when we say that September is one of the finest times to go for this trek, because the clouds and the luxuriant greenery add a different kind of a beauty to the whole scenery.

Churdhar Trek in October-

The temperature gets pretty low as you climb higher towards Churdhar in the month of October. The skies remain clear and therefore you can enjoy the complete beauty of the landscape lying below from the peak of Churdhar. En route, you might spot one or two frozen falls and a little amount of snow here and there. This is probably the last month where you shall not find the trekking trail buried under a thick blanket of snow.

Churdhar Trek in early November-

For the lot, who prefer adventure and trekking on snow, the beginning of November is your ideal time. The Churdhar peak is usually covered in a thick carpet of snow by this time of the year and keeps receiving snowfall every now and then. It is indeed a less preferred time for many due to the risks involved in hiking during snowfall and on snow. However, if you are a person who appreciates solitude and enjoys having the adrenaline rush, this month is for you.

Do remember to undertake this trek by the first week of November, because with each proceeding day, the temperature dips and the snow cover rises.

Though a few people like going for this trek towards the end of November or December, it is advisable that you do not do it post the mid of October, in case you are a first timer. You can always gain a little experience and come for a second, third or fourth time. The silence of the place will never bore you and each time you visit, Lord Shiva will be sitting with a different picturesque backdrop for you to enjoy.

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