Best time to hike from Triund to Snowline

Triund in Dharamshala has always been popular among the trekkers for the absolutely invigorating views it has to offer its visitors with. Though most people settle for Triund, a few choose to walk few extra miles to experience a more magical panorama. Only 3.5 kms away from Triund lies the Snowline café on the Triund-Indrahar pass trail, which should be in your bucket list for an unhindered view of the Dhauladhar range. Though the trek to Triund is relatively an easy one, the hike to Snowline is not.

Views from Snowline vary great deal on a single day depending on the time of your arrival. Early morning sunrise views from behind the Dhauladhar range are magnificent and pretty clear. The view gets slightly cloudy in the afternoon and the sunset is just superb. Don’t miss the evening golden hour views on your left side from Snowline cafe.

Snowline Trek
Sunset view from Snowline

Here is a month-wise description of Snowline Trek so that you can choose which one would be most suitable:

Snowline Trek in May

The trek till Triund in the month of May will lead you through the beautiful Rhododendrons and the lush green oak and pine trees. There shall be no snow on the Triund trekking trail. The cloudless weather shall provide you with a clear panoramic view of the Bhagsu village, Kangra Valley and the mighty Dhauladhar ranges.

Snowline Trek in June

The weather and landscape of the trekking trail is exactly the same as in May. You shall be welcomed by lush green grasses at Triund, where you could book your tent and enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow-clad mountains in front of you. The temperature is pleasant but dips lower as you proceed further from Triund to the Snowline café.

While you can hike to Snowline during any season, it is best to avoid doing so in the monsoons when the trail gets slippery. Kangra valley receives the highest rainfall in Himachal.

Snowline Trek in October

In October, the season of monsoon has gone and the only thing left behind is its essence. Throughout your trek, you shall be greeted by floating clouds. The picturesque vision of the clouds sometimes above, sometimes beneath and sometimes with you, is definitely one of the few things that you shall treasure for a lifetime. Though the view of the ranges and valleys might be hindered by some clouds, but usually clearer in their absence when compared to the previous months. The peek-a-boo of clouds floating around adds such a striking beauty and charm to the entire topography of the place, that you shall be left with nothing to complain about.

In the month of October, you will not find any snow on your way to Triund or Snowline. The temperatures are however much lower and nights will go below 5 degrees Celsius.

Snowline Trek in November

The weather turns colder and nights start hitting the negative temperature from this month. Views are probably most clear during this month. Sometimes snow can be found by trekking further to Lahesh Caves from here. Appropriate winter layering is a must in the winter months. There is very little chance of snow on the trail to Snowline and it might be present only in patches.

In the months of Dec-Feb the trail gets slightly more difficult due to limited space available for navigation after a snowfall. Appropriate winter layering is a must. Fleece thermals and outermost wind blockers or a combination of thermals and down are essential for comfort in these months.

Planning for this trek? Hit us up in the comments and we would bring to you the latest weather and terrain conditions.

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