Deoriatal Trek

With a combination of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, the Deoriatal trek is one of the best treks anyone can ever be on. The diverse beauty one finds on this trekking trail is unparralleled. From thick wooden trees like pine, oak and maple to moss and rhododendron laden paths, this magical beauty of the rightly called Devbhumi, will enchant you forever. Also, the lake is so beautiful that it is also called Devariya Tal, meaning the lake of Devis or Goddesses, because it is believed that even the goddesses came down to take a dip here.

Difficulty– Easy-Moderate
Max Altitude-2438 m
Approx Trekking distance– 3 km
Base Location– Sari Village

Sari to Deoriatal Trek Route: Haridwar-Sari-Deorital-Sari

A ride of about 6-7 hours from Haridwar station will take you to this small village called Sari, situated at a distance of around 200kms from the holy city. It is suggested that you pick the window seats for this long journey, because the picturesque views of the mountains and Devprayag, i.e the confluence of Alokanada and Bhagirathi, will take both your exhaustion and breath away. Sari being the base location, is the place from where on the short hike to the bewitching lake of Deorital shall start.

Ask for local Garhwali food at the eateries in Sari.


A peek-a-boo with the mountain ranges along with cozy hamlets, vast stretches of farmlands and sky-high pine,oak and maple trees is a beauty that will capture your hearts forever. If that’s not enough, then leave the rest to the rhodedendron trees and an unimaginably wide variety of birds, to serve as a perfect treat to your eyes and your parched soul. Apart from these, the summit of Chandrashila and the temple of Tungnath are also visible during the trek.  Also, last but not the least is the majestic Mt. Chaukhambha, which can clearly be seen from the Deoriatal lake.

Deoriatal trek
Deoriatal lake in iwnters. PC: Meetu Chawla (Insta: meetu_chawla)

Deoriatal trek Itinerary

Day 1- Sari-Deoriatal-Sari (1350m-2438m-1350m, 3 Km 1.5 hours)

The Sari to Deorital hike is one of the best expeditions our country has to offer. The idyllic villages with the picture-perfect scenery around, can leave you satisfied for a lifetime. This place and trek is exactly the reason why Himalayas are called magical.

The trek is fairly easy to moderate, with the ups and downs getting a little steep at times. It is advisable to carry adequate amount of water, because beyond Sari there happens to be no water resources. As we gradually ascend from Sari to Deoriatal, we get to see peaks like that of Chandrashila. With the help of binoculars, even the sacred temple of Tungnath can be spotted.

The first view point, the Hawa-Ghar by the Forest department, comes roughly after 45 minutes of the trek. Here you can relax your tired legs and indulge yourself into capturing the vivid scenic landscape around. From here on, the captivating journey through the Rhodedendron and maple forests starts, leading you towards the second view point, approximately a kilometer away from the pristine lake of Deoriatal.

At Deoriatal, the surroundings open up to give you an unrestricted view of the resplendent snows-cape around. Though the peak of Chaukambha is the most clearly visible summit from Deoriatal, the mountain  ranges like that of Kedar, Nilkhanth,Badarpoonch and Kalnaag also do not remain hidden and can be spotted very easily.

Also, Deoriatal is not considered a sanctum for bird watchers without a reason. From the Eurasian Collared Dove,  the Grey wagtail, the White collared Blackbird to the Himalayan Griffon, the jungle myna and the Long-tailed Minivet, a wide variety of the bird species thrive in this area and can therefore be observed without any effort.

Since camping at the Deoriatal lake is no more permitted, one has to camp outside the sanctuary. Alternatively, the trekkers need to descend back to Sari on the same day, preferably by the sunset.

Day 2- Deorital-Sari (1350m-2438m-1350m, 3 Km 1 hour)

Descend back to the village of Sari following the same trail.

Best Time for Deoriatal Trek:

The best time to go on this short trek is undoubtedly spring, when the Rhododendrons are at full bloom. The beauty that the Rhodedendrons add to this short journey has to be seen to be understood. One can choose Summers and Winters too, but the Monsoons best be avoided. During the winter months the lake area will be surrounded by snow and view of the peaks might be clearer.

Deoriatal sunrise view
Morning view of Deoriatal lake. Chaukhamba massif is clearly visible towards the right. PC: Kartik Mehra (Insta: koartikmeheraa)
Cellular Network at Deoriatal Trek:

Ukimath, 4 kms from Sari, is the last palce with ATM and reliable BSNL connectivity.




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