About Tadiandamol Trek

The highest peak in Coorg, the Tadiandamol Peak, is one of the best getaways from Bangalore and Mysore. Perfect for weekends, the trek to this peak shall keep you refreshed for a very long time. Take a break, pack your bags, and conquer one of the highest peaks of Karnataka.

Difficulty- Easy
Max Altitude-1740 m
Approx Trekking distance- 8 km (to and fro)
Base Point- Nalakand Palace, Kakkabe, Coorg

Starting point of Tadiandamol trek

Route- Bangalore-Kakkabe-Nalakand palace-Tadiandamol-Kakkabe
Kakkabe is around 300 Km away from the city of Bangalore, and would take 7-8 hours to reach by road. The entire journey is through beautiful roads and picturesque scenaries. On reaching Kakkabe arrange for an accomodation and freshen up. Your trek shall start from a point named Nalakand Palace, which is 4kms away from the main road and can be reached by a car/jeep. You could also decide to walk through these few extra kilometers.

Landscape and views

Your day shall begin with the aroma of coffee powder all over. Yes, that’s exactly the way you are going to reconfirm your arrival at Coorg!  Filled with green grasses and covered with the dense foliage of trees, this is one of the most exotic places you will ever come across. If not cloudy, you can even stand a chance to witness the magnificient view of the Arabian sea from the top of the Tadiandamol peak.

Tadiandamol trek
Tadiandamol. PC. : Panduranga Sharma B (Insta: pandurangasharmab1902)

The trekking trail is full of steep ups and downs, as well as a number of gurgling streams. It is also very rich in biodiversity. Don’t be surprised if you spot elephants on your way to the peak.

Route followed for Tadiandamol trek

Nalakand Palace-Taiandamol-Kakkabe(8 km, 5 hours)

From the Nalakand palace, the trekking trail to Tadiandamol is well defined and can be done without the help of a guide. There is a view point approximately 1.9kms away from the palace and it is the last point till which you can take your car. 300mts from the View Point is the Forest Entry Department, where permit for one would cost around Rs 20. The main trek starts from here on.

Though mostly easy, the hike at times can get a little difficult due to the steep ascents present at some places. However, all the exhaustion and tiredness are all going to get washed away by the multiple free-flowing streams and the picturesque beauty of dense foliage of the forests.

After almost an hour into this trek comes the first landmark- The BIG ROCK. In case, you want to experience the beautiful sunrise from the top, this is the spot that you could choose for your camping, because the Rock shall prevent strong winds from toppling your tent. However, the place can only accommodate 4-5 tents, so it is advisable to keep a track. Also, the place is notorious for elephant activities. So, arrange for a campfire.

As you cross the BIG ROCK, the climb gets steeper and might even leave you exhausted. Do not rush. Take required halts and go at your own pace. Very soon you will enter a lush green and dense forest of Shola trees that will intoxicate its visitors with its beauty. The forest trail is a 20 minute moderate level trek, with occasional scarps.

The remaining part of the trail is steep as well, especially towards the end. Make sure you take a little rest before making that final climb to the top. Also carry enough water with you.

Once you reach the top, every little and large effort you have made throughout this trip appears worth it. The euphoria of having conquered the highest peak of Coorg, is something that will last you a lifetime.

After spending some time watching and capturing the mesmerizing beauty around, bid a sweet goodbye to Tadiandamol and head downwards. In case you are planning to camp, you shall be able to reach the Rock Point within 40 minutes. However, if you wish to return to Kakkabe, then it is another one hour walk.

Best Time for Tadiandamol trek-
Post monsoon, i.e November-February, is the best time. The roads are dry, free of leeches and the landscape is greener as well. In summers, the trek becomes difficult under the hot sun. In monsoons, the trekking trail is muddy and full of leeches.

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