Season-wise analysis of Weather in Spiti

Spiti is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a desert mountain valley, cold in nature, and situated between Tibet on one side and India on the other. This area is deserted because of its harsh climatic conditions and availability of very little vegetation. Lahaul and Spiti are surrounded by high rising mountain ranges all around which gives a good panoramic view of these mountains.

Best time to visit Spiti

The most favourable time to go on a trek to Spiti, in Himachal Pradesh is in the summer months, from March to June. During this time the temperatures range above 15 degree Celsius and is quite pleasant for the travellers. During the winter months, the weather in Spiti is quite harsh and road connectivity is unreliable as the Manali-Kaza highway is not motorable during this time. It is always best to avoid trekking during the monsoon months as the heavy rainfall may cause landslide, affecting human lives and property on its way.

spiti weather
Avg.  Temp. in Spiti plotted annually (month-wise)

Summer season in Spiti (March to June)

Summer months are the best time to take a trip to Spiti. During this time temperatures remain well above 15 degree Celsius, hence it is possible for the tourists and the trekkers to go on expeditions without facing the cold harsh winds. The weather is pleasant and comfortable with clear blue skies and a bright sun. The places to visit in Spiti as the Kunzum Pass, Dhankar Monastery, Chandralal Lake, Pin Valley National Park, Trilokinath Temple and the famous Baralacha Pass.

Monsoons in Spiti(July to September)

Spiti can be quite dangerous during the monsoon months of July to Spetemebr. Due to its high elevation in the Himachal Pradesh region, the roads become frictionless due to the heavy rainfall. Moreover, the chances of landslide occurence is very high in such mountainous regions. The average temperatures range between 10 degree celsius and 30 degree celsius. Along with the rain, such high temperature makes the region very humid.

Winters in Spiti (October to February)

Any winter trek can be quite challenging but if able to do so, they are a lifetime experience. Spiti is along such similar lines. However, reaching Spiti during the winter months is very challenging. Most of the roadways are blocked during these months for the purposes of public safety. So visit Spiti during February when the snowfall decreases a bit and it is safe to use the roads again. Winter in Spiti is an experience worth having. The snow leopard expedition is an unique adventure in Spiti and the entire Spiti region is popular because of this. The snow leopards roam around in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, daring to come out of their hibernation only during the winter months. Another equally exciting animals which can be observed here are the Himalayan Wolf, the Blue Sheep and Ibex. Temperature during the winter months range somewhere between -5 degree Celsius to around 20 degree Celsius.



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