Triund-Snowline Trek

If you haven’t admired the tranquillity of the Dhauladhar ranges yet, then The Triund –Snowline trek is the best choice to do so. Elevated at 2,842 m above the sea level, Triund is easy to undertake and best suited for the beginners. But it’s better to go beyond Triund if you want a more peaceful environment, with better views and less crowd. The most benefited by this trek are those who come here with an open mind for exploration, as this trek is not limited to just Triund and Snowline but many other places like the Indrahar Pass can also be visited if you wish to extend your trek.

Trek distance: 4 Km from Triund
Altitude: 3,150 m
Time taken : 2 hrs (from Triund) for beginners, 1-1.5 hr with good fitness
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate during winters


The landscape of Triund hill is mostly covered with lush green grasses and meadows which give you an explicit view of snow-clad Dhauldar ranges. Camping is done at comforting meadows of the hill whence the sunset and sunrise views leave you mesmerized. However, you will find snow along the trails on the second day of this trek if done during winters. The Triund- Snowline trek’s landscape is a complete delight for a person who is willing to undertake a less challenging yet rewarding trek.

Difference between Triund and Snowline views:

You are in for some advantages if you start your trek early on the first day and camp at Snowline instead of Triund.

  • Once you are about to reach Triund, the massive Dhauladhar range slowly emerges in front of your eyes. It’s an unforgettable view and a pristine atmosphere, only to be slowly hijacked by excessive crowd and obnoxious music. If you’re not thrilled by crowd at such places then take some rest and proceed straight towards Snowline. It would hardly have ten per cent of Triund’s crowd.
  • You get a panoramic view of the Dhuladhar range only after reaching Snowline, which is hindered towards the left side of Triund.
  • The view of sunrise from both the places are magnificent, but at Snowline there won’t be a tent pitched right in front of yours hindering the view. Nothing interrupts stargazing at Snowline (except clouds).
  • Arrive early at Snowline and click an amazing sunset picture from the top of the ridge.
    Sunset at Snowline
    Sunset at Snowline
  • There is a valley in between Triund and the Dhauladhar range, which disappears and is joined by a ridge clearly visible through Snowline. It can be explored on the next day of your trek while going to Lahesh cave.

Starting point of Triund Snowline Trek:

From Triund, you would find a trail going towards snowline. Ask any shack person and they would point you towards the trail. If you’re wondering about the starting point of Triund, then it’s Galu devi temple near Mcleodganj. This is the same starting point for Indrahar Pas trek as well. Click on ‘Indrahar Pass trek starting point‘ to read more about it.

Snowline Trek Route and itinerary

The Triund-Snowline trek can be accomplished precisely in 2 days. The trek begins from Galu Devi temple which is 6 kilometers away from the Triund hill. The journey of this trek is full of greenery and views of serene mountains which look silvery due to snow. The trek begins with an early morning hike from Dharamkot and ends up to a beautiful campsite amidst snow-covered mountains whence the sunset is just wondrous.

Day 1: Hike begins from Galu Devi to Triund (6 kilometers, 4-5 hrs)

If you start the trek from Mcloeodganj, then add 3 Km to the distance. You can take a taxi that would take you to Galu Devi directly. The trek from there takes you through the dense oak, deodar and rhododendron forests along the trails of Triund hill. The beginning of this trek is quite easy but much of elevation is involved after a few kilometers. The hike gives you a mesmerizing view of gigantic mountain peaks and green valleys including Kangra Valley. The trails of this trek are very well marked so there are lesser chances of losing the track. There are 22 curves on this trek which make the hike strenuous. The trek on the very first day can be done in 4-5 hours to reach Triund, at an elevation of 2,857 meters. For a fit person it should take around 2-3 hrs to reach Triund.

Camping at the meadows under the stars and beholding the beautiful sunset make this trek worth undertaking.

Day 2: Triund to Snowline trek (4 Km) and back to Mcleodganj  (14 Km total including the descent to Galu devi)

The next day of your trek begins with a beautiful view of sunrise amidst the snow-clad Dhauldhar peaks. The snowline trek will be your destination on the other day. The popular snowline cafe is a small tea shop which is a few kilometers away from the peak. Enough of snow can be found during the snowline trek during winters as it takes you to the Laka glacier. The Triund trek has enough cafes and tea-points to serve your cravings for local cuisine. The snowline cafe is quite popular among the trekkers.

Snowline to Lahesh Cave
Lahesg Cave is that central boulder at the top in this pic with vertical black stripes.

If you have time then explore the Lahesh cave. It would take 1-1.5 hrs to reach Lahesh, often used as a stay-over for the Indrahar Pass trek. From the Lahesh caves you can descend back to Mcleodganj again through lush green trails and dense rhododendron forests. The Kangra valley is absolute bliss to explore while detouring.

Places to stay other then camps are Triund Mountain Lodge or Forest Department Rest House.

Best time for Triund-Snowline trek

The best time to undertake Triund-Snowline trek is during September-October as the temperature remains subtle and bearable during this time of the month. The weather conditions are fine and not that bleak whereas if you want to just walk on snow and nothing else then the months of January-March will be best suited for this trek. This trek is all worth to experience during these months of the year.

Cellular network at Triund and Snowline

The cellular network connectivity is poor during this trek and the network is unavailable most of the times during the trek. However, BSNL or Vodafone might pop up rarely but it won’t be of much help as the signal is poor. It is advisable to make your important calls at Mcleodganj and keep your relatives informed. At snowline, at one of the spots there is a rock with ‘Airtel signel here’ (with a typo) written over it. Airtel network comes there sometimes.







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