Winter season means harsher weather, but this is also the time to witness mountains in full beauty. Vast meadows of speckless snow, thick deodar forests, a variety of fauna, frozen lakes make winter treks in India an enthralling experience. Here is a list of ten winter treks to do in India.

Sandakphu Trek

Wondering how an all-mountain trek would be? Then Sandakphu can be a good alternative to be considered. Being the highest point in West Bengal it is elevated at an altitude of 11,941 feet. This trek takes you to explore the Himalayas in the possible way. The beautiful campsites on the peaks and irresistible picturesque of landscape vistas covered with flora make this trek a trekkers wonderland. The best thing to do while you are on this trek is to visit the Singalila National Park. It gives you  a clear view of Kanchenjunga and some other prominent peaks of the world. This makes Sandakphu one of the best winter treks to do in India. The prime location of this trek i.e Darjeeling gives it an edge with the other Himalayan treks.

Dzukou Valley Trek

This trek is best for you if you plan to explore the cultural ethos of Nagaland. Mesmerizing panoramic views and lush green meadows will energize your soul and mind. The first green’ village of the country ‘is something that you should not miss to visit while you are on this trek. The trek begins from Khooma village and the entire trek would be a complete package of landscape vistas, streams, mountains and lovely campsites. The trek takes 6-7 days to be completed.

Tunganath-Chandrashila Trek

A Himalayan adventure is something that every trekker desires of undertaking in his/her life. The Garhwal Himalayas is the home to a number of treks that excites your adrenaline and Tunganatha-Chandrashila trek is one of them. The rocky and stark trails covered with a thick bed of snow construct this moderate and challenging trek. The captivating campsites and summits like Tungnath, Chandrashila, Deoria make this trek worth. This winter trek might turn out to be an investment that reaps the highest return on adventurous memories. The altitude of this trek is 13000 ft. approximately and days required for its accomplishment is 4 to 5.

Rasol Trek

Rasol trek is best for a person who is looking for a day’s break from his/her busy schedule. The trek begins from Kasol and the only option to reach Rasol is to hike. Rasol is a small village which is very less populated and elated at an altitude of 10000ft. The village is evident most of the time while striding. The lanes that ascend to Rasol have rocks that mention ‘magic Rasol’ which directs you to the best way to this village. Allocated in Parvati Valley, Rasol is the best place to connect to the local villagers. Marching while daytime on the lanes to Rasol you will find local men playing Panjee which is a rare game and played only in Rasol. The trek involves hiking for 5-7 hours and can be accomplished easily in a day.

Dzongri trek

This trek is for the folks who wish to experience much in less time. The treks give you an alluring view of The Kanchenjunga National Park and the views from Dzongri La bring most of the mountain ranges present in Sikkim in front of your eyes. The place is rich in the variety of flora and fauna which is why it turns out to be one of the most beautiful treks to undertake. The grandeur of Kanchenjunga range leaves you awestruck!

Har ki Dun

Har ki Dun is a moderate trek which will let you behold most ravishing and undiscovered scenes of The Garhwal Himalayan mountain ranges. The trails flow along the Rhododendron forests and open up to meadows where you can camp under the starry night along with the warmth of a bonfire. The alluring scenes of sunset and sunrise turn the silvery snow-clad peaks into golden which turns the tiredness of a challenging hike into ecstasy. Gazing the swargarohini peak and visitingDuryodhana temple are the two things that you must do if you are on this trek. Many water streams and tributaries can be seen during this trek as the path follows a river’s bank.

Phawngpui Peak Trek

Phawngpui is the highest peak in Mizoram and is circumambient with tantalizing views of Chhimtuipi river and mountain ranges of Myanmar. The peak is elevated at an altitude of 2157 meters and the entire Mizoram can be seen from the hilltop. The trails of this trek are full of orchid flowers and rhododendron forests. This peak is also known as Blue Mountain prominently. The best time to undertake this trek is between February and March because of the floral bloom during these months. The trek takes 2 days to be undertaken and the best thing to do during this trek is to visit the Phawngpui National Park.

Prashar Lake trek

This trek is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-peasy weekend trek to revamp their busy schedules and breathe into the fresh air of nature. The trek can be accomplished maximum in 2 days and gives you charming views of The Dhauladhar ranges. Peaks like Pir Panjal and Kinnaur are evident on this trek. Prashar is a freshwater lake in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district and camping beside this lake is complete bliss. The temple of Prashar Rishi which is right beside the lake dissipates positive vibes while camping.

Dodital trek

This trek is one of the most popular treks in India because of the ease of climbing and exquisite campsites. The Dodital base camp is a lake circumambient by pine and oak trees. The aquatic life within this lake contains the Himalayan Golden trout fish in major proportion. This trek also upholds a holy significance as the lake is considered to be the origin of many rills which recombine to make Assi Ganga. Moreover, the temple of Lord Ganesha also makes this place spiritual. The grasslands which are often snow covered and the trails surrounded by dense alpine forests leaves no stone unturned to make it a paradise on earth. The highest elevation of this trek is Darwa Pass.


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