Perfect high altitude trek near Kasol for beginners

Sar Pass trek makes you traverse through the wilderness and greenery of the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. Sar Pass is an ice lake positioned in the Parvati valley. The hike at Sar Pass trek is considered to be one of the most beautiful yet adventuresome hikes. Though a hiker invades into the beautiful pasturelands, forests and snow-clad mountains through the trails of this trek yet this trek is challenging enough to provoke your adrenaline! This is considered as the ideal trek for the beginners looking for a trek beyond 4000 m.

The reason behind the name of this trek as ‘Sar Pass’ is the ice-lake at the pass. For the natives ‘Sar’ means a lake.

Level of difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Highest elevation: 13,799ft.
Starting point: Kasol


Many of the trekkers have proclaimed that walking on the speckless Sar Pass trek is like a fairytale. It is magical how the trails apparently direct you to the alluring greenwoods and miraculously metamorphose into a silver winter wonderland! The amalgamation of lush green vistas and snow-capped mountains is the perfect view for nature enthusiasts. The Himalayan beauty surpasses the fatigue of the tour and lets you connect to nature a bit more. The steep slope that comes while detouring from Sar Pass gives this trek a perfect pinch of adventure.

Best time for Sar Pass Trek

The time to go on this trek is in between the month of April (starting last week) to October as the snow is comparatively much. People who go in early Octobers have confronted hails but as we know that mountains are unpredictable so hails can be found in the month of May too! At night the weather is treacherous and the temperature might reach near to zero. During, May-October the snow is melted at lower altitudes making the trails easier to hike.

 Night strides during this trek are often considered unsafe because the dense forests of rhododendron have a lot of wild animals, most evidently bears.

Sar Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Reach your base camp at Kasol

Kasol is the starting point for most of the treks in Parvati Valley. It has a flourishing market for hippies, but you can buy the essentials of your trek only from one or two shops. It’s better to arrange things beforehand. The rich fusion of local culture with local and Israeli cuisine makes it a popular destination and a good base camp for relaxation.

Day 2: From Kasol to Grahan Village (1700m-2350m, 5-6 hrs, 7-8 Km)

The Grahan village is almost 7 kilometers away from this place and it takes 5-6 hours to hike to this campsite. It is a hundred years old village and can be reached by hiking through the trails. These trails are a delight to see because of the streaming falls, lush green grasses and forests. It can also be challenging to stride on these trails as they are pretty steep at some places. This campsite is most apt to get acquainted with the local people and team members.

Day 3: Grahan village to Minh Thach (2350m-3500m, 6-7 hrs, 7 Km)

It will take 6-7 hours to hike to Minh Thach which is 7-8 kilometers away from Grahan village. The trail takes you through forests and a rich variety of flora and fauna can be found here. The trail ultimately opens up to an open valley. The snow clad mountains are visible from here. The amorous view of sunset and sunrise is a mandate to see in this trek.

Day 4: Minh Thach to Nagaru (3400m-3800m, 4-5 hrs, 8 Km)

This is the coldest campsite of Sar Pass trek because of the high altitude and cold winds. It takes 6-7 hours to reach here by hiking and the trail is much challenging because of the presence of snow-covered meadows and high altitude. The windy campsite can experience a temperature decrease below zero degrees. The magnificent white mountains of Parvati Valley are quite evident from this place.

Day 5: Nagaru to Sar Pass to Bishkheri (3800m -4200m – 3350m, 8 hrs, 12 Km)

This might be a tiring day for trekking as it requires much of hiking but again, the wonderlands make it all worth. It takes 7-9 hours to complete this trek and involves a distance of 12-13 kilometers. The trail climb is not much challenging initially but goes steeper by the end. The canteen near the lake can be a place to take a halt and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. The highest point at the pass gives you a delightful scene of the grandeur of The Himalayas and the expanse of snow-covered meadows. Descend to Bishkeri Thach from here and camp overnight in this pleasant landscape with ample greenery and wildlife.

Day 6: Bishkeri to Barshaini (3350m – 2400m, 5 hrs, 9 Km)

This place will give you stupendous views even while detouring. The trail is steep and challenging which is why enough patience is required on the go. The deodar forests and huge pine trees on the way makes your hike memorable and cherishable. A number of small villages are situated on the way, which is why this place is best for those who wish to explore the local Israeli culture.

Sar pass trek is undoubtedly one of the best trekking experiences that can be felt by those who are looking for a challenging but rewarding tour. This place lets you introspect the mystery of nature and lets you surpass your stress in Sar Pass!

Last ATM point and cellular connectivity:

The last ATM point will be at Kasol. It is advisable for you to make all your important calls at Kasol as the connectivity of network might get hindered on the mountains.

The ATM at Kasol is often in a non-working state. It is advisable to withdraw cash at Bhuntar itself. In case of unexpected shutdowns due to rain or snow, ICICI ATM in Kullu main branch still functions.




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