About Parashar Lake trek

Prashar Lake is located in the midst of the Dhauladhar Ranges in the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, well inside the Mandi District. This trek can easily be done by a beginner as there is not much gain in elevation and hence this is a perfect trek to go on with your family and loved ones.

Level of difficulty – Easy
Highest elevation – 8900 feet
Starting point – Baagi village, near Mandi

Prashar lake trek views

The Prashar Lake trek is a hike through lush green valleys and forests, passing along several small rivers and streams. The hike will also take you through several small villages and this gives you a perfect opportunity to interact with the local people and get to enjoy their unique culture first hand. Prashar Lake Trek will give you a daunting view of the Dhauladhar ranges, the Pir Panjal and the Kinnaur mountains. Thus, this trek serves a dual purpose of the excitement of a trek and the experience of the culture of a place.

Best time to do Prashar Lake trek

This trek can be done anytime, but best time would be during the winter months, from December to March. During this time you will find snow on the trek which looks picturesque. This trek is equally beautiful during the other seasons as well.

How to reach Prashar lake trek starting point?

To undertake the Prashar Lake trek, you will first have to reach Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. There are a number of ways to reach Mandi –
1. By Air : The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport in Himachal Pradesh. From here, Mandi is around 31 kms away.
2. By Train : Instead of Mandi, there are regular trains available to Summer Hill in Himachal Pradesh. From Summer Hill Mandi is around 70 kilometers away.
3. By Bus : There are frequent buses from Delhi and Chandigarh to Mandi that would take 9 hrs and 5 hrs respectively.

Mandi to Baagi village: Local buses go from Mandi to Baagi village, else you can take a taxi. Taxi charges differ from Rs 1000-1500, depending on your negotiation and would take 1.5-2 hrs to reach.

Prashar lake itinerary
Day 1: Baagi to Prashar Lake (6050 feet to 8900 feet’ 7 km; 2 hour drive + 4.5 hrs hour trek)

On this day, you will have to reach Kantlu from Mandi, which is a two hour drive. From Kantlu the trekking begins. Initially it is a steep elevation before you reach a wide open land. From here you will pass through a forest where you will find beautiful rhododendron. Soon, through a clearing, the Dhauladhar Range will become visible.

Parashar lake trek
Parashar lake trek. PC: Shikhar Mohan(@shikhar.goes.to.places)

The trail continues further to an oak forest, continually increasing in height. Soon you reach a road used for transport and after crossing it you will reach the village of Til. Here you will find many beautiful shops selling items of local interest.

From Til continue to go further till you reach a small meadow. This time you will be crossing beautiful apple orchards. After crossing it you will get a mesmerizing view of the Kap Chuli, Sikar Beh, Manali Peak, Dhauladhar range and many other notable peaks.

You will reach another small forest and after passing through it you will find a beautiful lake below. This is not the Prashar Lake but it is equally noteworthy. From the lake as you continue further you will find another motorable road. Crossing it will bring you to the much awaited Prashar Lake. The Lake is surrounded by a fence for its protection so entering it is not possible. One can see a small round floating island in the middle of the lake which moves at times due to the wind and wave.

Prashar Lake
Prashar Lake. PC: Naveen Gupta (@naveen1712)

Day 2: Prashar Lake to Kantlu (8900 feet to 6050 feet; 8 km; 3-4 hours)

On this day you will be returning to Baagi but to make the journey more interesting, you can take a different route than the one taken the day before. Reach the motorable road from Prashar Lake and walk alongside it for nearly one and a half kilometers and taking a right. Here, you will find a grassland. Soon the trail enters a deep forest. When a diversion comes take the right and you will find the elevation decreasing, before increasing again. After some time of trekking you will reach a valley from where the beautiful Dhauladhar range, Mukila and Hanuman Tibba will be visible.

You will find a motorable road again before entering a forest abounded in oak, rhododendron and pine. Crossing it you will reach another small village known as Halgarh. After a short while you will find a familiar route as the one taken during your ascent to Prashar lake. Follow the trail till you reach Kantlu.

Cellular network at Prashar Lake:

After crossing Mandi you will only get BSNL network, that also intermittently. Moreover, there are no facilities to charge your phone during the trek, unless you take a homestay on the top.

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