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5 treks to do in Himachal Pradesh

Kareri trek

Himachal Pradesh awaits you for these 5 wonderful treks! A trip that challenges your guts and makes you dive into the ocean of adventures leaves no stones unturned to gatecrash the chamber of your reminiscence. An enthusiastic explorer is never satiated with the places that are already invaded, oddballs tantalize travelers! Himachal Pradesh is a […]

Rasol Trek – The offbeat trek in Kasol

Parashar lake trek

About Rasol Trek Rasol trek involves going to the Rasol village, a hamlet located in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a very small village with a handful of houses and the place is ideal for a weekend getaway, better than Kheerganga if you are looking for a lesser crowded place. Highest […]

Looking for an ‘A’ grade in BMC ? Here are a few tips

Getting ‘A’ grade in Basic Mountaineering Course First of all, you must know that an ‘A’ grade is extremely important in your mountaineering career and you have to have an ‘A’ grade in BMC so that you can go for your AMC. There is no sure shot way that guarantees an A grade, but no […]

Preparation for the Basic Mountaineering Course – Xpedition Series

BMC fitness

Every year several mountaineers graduate from the mountaineering institutes in India, some with considerable waiting times. We recently covered a detail of all these institutes, courses they offer and info that would shorten your application process in the previous article (Click on the Mountaineering Courses in India to read in detail about such courses). Fitness […]

Prashar Lake trek – Perfect short trek around Mandi

Prashar Lake

About Parashar Lake trek Prashar Lake is located in the midst of the Dhauladhar Ranges in the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, well inside the Mandi District. This trek can easily be done by a beginner as there is not much gain in elevation and hence this is a perfect trek to go on with […]

Kareri Lake Trek – The offbeat trek around Dharamshala

Kareri trek

About Kareri Lake trek The Dhauladhar range is home to 22 glacial lakes. Situated in the high mountain tops of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges, lies a shrouded glacial lake, known as the Kareri Lake. It is one of the easily accessible lakes of the Dhauladhar range. The Kareri Lake trek is located in the Kangra […]

Weather in Manali – A detailed weather report

Manali weather report

Manali weather The weather in Manali is very important for the enthusiastic trekkers as a particular weather condition can determine the level of difficulty of the trek. It is highly recommended to avoid visiting Manali during the time of monsoons, as the Chandigarh-Manali road as well as areas around Mandi are highly susceptible to landslides. […]

Tosh Trek – Kasol to Tosh hike

Tosh village

Tosh village Tosh is a small village located in the Parvati Valley, in Himachal Pradesh. India. This picturesque village is one of the most favourite weekend getaways for many people, both natives and foreigners. Beautiful views of the snow covered Himlayan peaks are visible from this pristine villgae. Maximum elevation – 7900 feet Level of […]

Kheerganga Trek – The most popular trek around Kasol

Kheerganga Trek

About Kheerganga Trek Kheerganga is the most famous trek around Kasol. A 4-5 hrs hike takes you to hot water spring located at 13,000 ft. Kheerganga. It’s well suited for beginners and remains accessible almost throughout the year. Recent bans on permanent structures have reduced the crowd a little bit, although camping is possible on […]

Winter Spiti Itinerary

Spiti best time

Winter Spiti Itinerary Spiti is closed from the Manali side during the winter months due to excessive snow along the route. This leaves Shimla the only way to start your journey. The Simla-Kinnaur route, popularly known as the Hindustan-Tibet highway is more gradual compared to the Manali side and enables proper acclimatization to the traveller […]