The Trek Monk’s Nature Collection features a fusion of nature’s most beautiful creations and blends these elements into our design for women’s fleece jackets.

The fleece fabric imitates the smooth surface of floral stem. It would keep you exceptionally warm and yet provide a very cozy feel on the skin.

The collection design features the texture of various flora and fauna. Every design features an element of nature. Explore our nature collection below.


Black with Blue: The Butterfly

She spreads her wings to fly under the blue skies, she is made to wander through nature, effortlessly. She exudes the freedom and elegance, drenched in the rhythm of her movement.

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Green with yellow: Daffodil

Trekking Fleece Jacket for Women

She is the brightest and loveliest of all. She always finds the light, wherever it is, however weak it is and simply follows. Her grace never fades; it’s as real as the nature’s beauty. Click here to buy this fleece jacket.


Grey with Pink: Flamingo

Fleece jacket for women
Women’s fleece jacket

A Flamingo is born with grey feathers, which eventually turn into pink in the wild. Known for its agility and balance, a Flamingo can fly hundreds of miles when needed.

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