About Beas Kund trek

The Beas kund trek is a weekend trek which would take you from around 2500 mtrs to an altitude of around 3700 mtrs. It is a glacial alpine lake which is also the origin of the Beas river that runs through Manali and Kullu.
It is said that, Sage Vyas used to take bath in this lake while meditating there. This is a moderate trek which can be done by trekkers with little experience.

Where does Beas Kund Trek start from? How to get there?

Manali – Solang Valley – Dhundi – Bakerthach – Beas kund – Solang valley – Manali, is the overall route followed for this trek. Also find the exact route and available transport below:

Route and itinerary

Day 1:

On reaching Manali via Bus/Car, it is advisable to take rest and begin early next day. During peak season(May-June), private buses usually reach Manali by 12 pm due to traffic on the Kullu – Manali highway.
Note that you are likely to encounter traffic on the way to Solang Valley. Hence you need to account for a buffer of around 2 hrs for the next day before starting.

Day 2:

Credits: Pragati Singh (Insta: into_thehobo_land)

The trek starts from Solang Valley which is around 14 kms from Manali. Taxis are available from Manali towards Solang Valley but are not allowed beyond Solang Valley. Hence one has to start the trek from this point.
Then the next stop from Solang valley is a trek to Dhundi. You can also hitch-hike to the bridge construction site near Dhundi to save time. The distance from Solang Valley to Dhundi which is the last village on this route is about 8 kms. A small river crossing at Dhundi would set you on the trail towards Beas Kund.
The first day’s trek ends with camping at Bakerthach which is a beautiful meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks at a distance. The time taken from Dhundi to Bakerthach is around 3 hrs.



Day 3:

Credits: Pragati Singh (Insta: into_thehobo_land)

The next day trekkers should start early for Beas Kund at around 7 am. It would take an average trekker around 3 hrs to reach Beas Kund.
Then the return from Beas Kund to Solang Valley is done along the same route via Bakerthach and Dhundi which usually takes 5-6 hrs and can be done on the same day to reach Manali at around 7pm.

Campsite Info

Food availability – The route on this trek is not commercialized and hence there are no shacks or food-stalls available. Carry your own food requirements for the night and next morning & lunch.
Water availability -There is availability of water at Dhundi. Then the next water point is beyond Bakerthach and closer to Beas Kund, with ample water sources at Beas Kund. Hence it is advisable to carry water on day one. Also carry stove if you do not know how to light a fire.
Camping area – There is enough area at Bakerthach to set up tents.
Crowd– Being a less commercialized route one is unlikely to encounter a lot of big independent groups on this route.

Landscape and terrain

The entire trek is a mix of green trails , meadows and rocky boulders towards the end.
The trail from Solang valley to Dhundi is a paved road with construction vehicles plying on the route with a view of the valley and the Beas river towards your right.
The trail is fairly laid out from Dhundi to Bakerthach. The route is surrounded with mountains to your left with greenery all around. The ascent to Bakerthach is gradual.
Bakerthach is a lush green meadow and gives you a view of the mountains at a distance. The route from Bakerthach to Beas Kund is a tough one with steep ascent in the beginning. Also, the route has a stretch of rocky boulders where there is no trail.

Beas Kund Trek Price
Range – INR 3000/- to INR 7000/ depending on the organizer
Duration – 3-4 days

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