You don’t always need the most expensive raingear for short hikes, while missing out on a rugged rainjacket or quality poncho on a long trek could prove disastrous. Choosing the most suitable raingear for your treks could be a daunting task. Read on to help you make a better informed choice.

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Torrent Hardshell Rainjacket:
Tested during monsoons in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, on the route of Indrahar Pass, this rain jacket is ideal for treks that are likely to receive high and intense rainfall. The high-grade ripstop fabric makes this hardshell highly durable and resistant to the elements of nature. The underarm pits ensure an easier escape for perspiration while protecting you from getting drenched. The fit of the jacket provides enough room for layering clothes within, thus it can be an ideal outer windblock layer with a fleece inside on colder nights. Click on  ‘Torrent Hardshell Rainjacket‘ to know more about it.


Downpour Rainjacket:

Trekking Rain Jacket
Downpour Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is suitable for usual rain protection on your treks. It is featured with all the essentials and yet boasts a weight lesser than 300 grams. This jacket is self packable into a tiny pouch, so it never requires an extra space while you’re filling your backpack! The taped seams would ensure no water seeps in through the stitches. Click on ‘men’s trekking rainjacket’ t0 buy it today.


Minimalist Rainjacket:
The minimalist has pared down features and is ideal for hiking in places that receive occasional short bursts of rainfall. This rain jacket is super lightweight and can be clipped through a harness or tied to your backpack so that it is quickly available when you need it the most. Buy the minimalist rainjacket now!

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