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Bhrigu lake trek is one of the rare Himalayan treks that take you over 4,000 m height in just two days. This is a good high-altitude trek for those who want to trek beyond 4,000 m for the first time, as the terrain is favourable even for those who are not very experienced. The trek passes through beautiful meadows and is a perfect place to stargaze at night! The trek is usually done either through Gulaba village or Vashisht village near Manali.

Starting point of Bhrigu Lake Trek

One has to first reach Manali (connected to Delhi and Chandigarh by road) and accessible through cabs from the Bhuntar airport which is 52 Km away.
Gulaba village is located 22 Km away from Manali on the Manali-Rohtang Pass road and comes just 6 Km before Rohtang Pass. One can take a cab or wait for state bus to reach there.

Trek route and itinerary

The more popular route starts through Gulaba village. We will cover the route through Vashisht later. People are suggested to acclimatize on Day 01 by camping at Gulaba, while some people do start the trek on the same day of arrival in Manali.


Day 01:
Gulaba to Rola Kholi (3,161 m to 3,830 m; 7 Km, 4-5 hrs)

After initial hike through the forest one soon reaches the vast meadows. Then the section through these meadows requires a steep trek but since large space is available one can negotiate it better by walking Zig-Zag (approx 20 steps going up on one side and then switch 20 steps going up on the opposite side). This allows body to get used to the height in a better way.

Meadows on the way. Credits: Suvam Pati,(Insta: Suvam_dragneel)

There are two streams just before reaching the campsite and one also at the Rola Kholi campsite!

Day 02:
Rolakholi to Pandurupa via Bhrigu lake (3,830 m to 4,270 m and then descend to Pandurupa at 3,600 m; 14 Km, 7-8 hrs)

The initial part is very briefly through a meadow which turns stony and eventually after crossing some boulders and slight descent one reaches the Bhrigu lake in 4 hours. It’s surrounded by two ridges on both the sides. Camping is not allowed there. If there is an excessive snow then it’s suggested to descend through Gulaba.

It would take another 3 hours to descend to Pandurupa for camping there.


Day 03:
Pandurupa to Vashist (3,600 m to 2,072 m; 8 Km, 4 hrs)

Descending to Vashisht involves walking through a steep trail which gets slippery during the rainy season, but not dangerous with some patience.


The meadows around Gulaba village are beautiful. Right at the start one encounters such beautiful meadows that they might want to remove their trekking boots and just walk. Also you can see some horses grazing on the way!

Bhrigu Lake. Credits: Ayush Mittal
Bhrigu Lake. Credits: Ayush Mittal

Rola Kholi campsite is perfect for a photoshoot session. Mt. Hanuman Tibba is visible on the far side. Don’t miss the beautiful night sky from this campsite. The view is  usually clear and sky vast and wide.

There is likely to be snow on most part of the meadows during early summers. Snow on meadows might not look appealing to those who have done treks like Sar Pass, Chanderkhani Pass and Indrahar Pass in summers. Post mid-July to August there is green grass along with alpine flowers. Indrasan and Deo Tibba are visible on a clear day and a good view of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges can be savoured.

Best time for Bhrigu Lake Trek

The trek is usually done in June-september. The best time would be June or mid-August to September. While some snow can be seen in June, the meadows are in full bloom during monsoon. July is the peak time for rainfall here. Rains around this region can drench you completely if you don’t have quality rain gear. Although rains might last for a short duration, the trekking area is vast and chances of finding an overhead shelter are low. Therefore it’s recommended to avoid it during monsoons.

The trek remains inaccessible between November to April and for most of the days in May.

Click on ‘best time for bhrigu lake trek‘ for a month-wise analysis on the trek route.

Cellular connectivity

Major networks are available at Gulaba. They are sparsely available until Rola Kholi. There is no connectivity beyond that until one gets 2 Km close to the Vashisht village while descending.









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